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Expedited delivery,
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Notifi resolves many of the communication challenges both within and outside the walls of the healthcare enterprise. Notifi filters through all of the information generated by your EMR/EHR and diagnostic systems to identify test results and other patient information which require expedited delivervy. Notifi automatically communicates this information to the correct personnel based on organizational policies, personnel availability and patient care requirements. Notifi automatically manages the communication of important information and documents the entire process for compliance, operation and medical/legal needs which improves care quality while decreasing liability and risk.

Notifi automatically discovers

Notifi uses sophisticated data mining to read through both structured and unstructured documents to identify information that requires rapid and fully documented delivery. This includes critical or urgent test results, incidental findings, reports with recommended additional studies, and test orders labeled STAT but which have normal values. Notifi eliminates the labor intensive process of calling results -- it delivers results to the correct care provider and automatically documents the entire process, addressing regulatory requirements and Meaningful Use incentives.

ADT/Event Notifications Alert Providers to Action

Transitions of care require effective communication. PCPs need to know which of their patients was seen in the ED and information needs to be shared when patients transition from an acute care environment to a step down facility. Notifi listens to all ADT traffic as well changes in patient condition and automatically alerts care providers when action needs to be taken.

Improved Patient Engagement and Adherence

Connecting with patients to ensure they are proactive in managing their health is critical in today’s environment. Notifi automates communications to remind them of upcoming appointments or treatments, and confirms their ability to keep the appointment. This dramatically reduces no-show rates which increases revenue. Notifi automatically alerts patients when their results are available addressing Meaningful Use requirements. Notifi also automatically sends out follow--up assessments post-care to ensure patients are compliant with discharge instructions reducing costly readmissions.

MyNotifi – BYOD/Mobile Technology

Physicians and other care providers are bringing their own devices to the work (BYOD), creating challenges in securely communicating PHI. Notifi securely encrypts all messages and supports secure text delivery of test results, ADT alerts or other clinical information. The MyNotifi mobile application segregates, organizes and prioritizes information sent to a user’s mobile device and enables fast, intuitive management and reaction to messages. Notifi is aware of a physician’s on call status and supports quick and simple connectivity between care providers.

Notifi:Better Communication...Better Care.