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Identify Results and

findings requiring

expedited communication

to care providers

and patients

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Intelligent delivery

of time sensitive

information across

the continuum

of care

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Online monitoring as

well as reporting of

all communications

Coordinated Communication
Saves Lives

Notifi's intelligent communications and messaging platform identifies important and time-sensitive information in your diagnostic system or EMR that requires immediate action. Its framework is based on fundamental discover, deliver and document processes.

Notifi automatically discovers important information and sends it to the correct people -- doctors, health care providers and/or patients -- via their preferred delivery method, using a pre-set, rules-driven process. Its auto-escalation settings and closed-loop communications delivery system ensures that your intended recipients receive, acknowledge, and act on the information. All communications activity is automatically documented for real-time monitoring purposes and to satisfy all compliance, operational, medical and legal requirements

Notifi’s technology integrates easily with your organization’s existing applications and maximizes your EMR’s bandwidth capabilities with encrypted and secure transmission to end-user’s mobile digital devices

Simply put, Notifi saves lives by managing health care communications across the entire spectrum of care. Secure and automated, it links hospitals, ambulatory centers, doctors and patients together through a single, consistent, fully customizable and 100% secure communications solution.

Notifi:Better Communication...Better Care.